We live in a time where medicine is changing.

There are constant struggles between what we as doctors and patients feel we need to better our health, and what our insurance companies actually enable us to do. As your doctor, I am constantly in the fore front of learning what we can do to not only cure a disease, but prevent it all together. The future is here. Preventative medicine is the key. Through an additional board certification in anti-aging medicine, I have compiled a complete line of state of the art tests, supplements, and treatment to keep you a step ahead in the road to wellness. My goal with all of my patients is simple, “Be proactive not reactive.” Through dietary revision, and by improving our detoxification capacities, we can ultimately minimize drug therapy. This will ultimately improve your energy, state of well being, and keep you “living younger longer.”

Board Certified in Family and Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Roselind H. Bardisa is board certified in Family Medicine. She has been practicing medicine for over 15 years and specializes in preventative medicine, nutrition and fitness. She is a diplomat of the prestigious American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine. The A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and to promote research into methods to hinder and optimize the human aging process.  
live, younger, longer Using a unique approach of both conventional and preventative medicine, Dr. Bardisa looks at her patients as a whole. She will emphasize the reduction of possible risk factors, proper nutrition and fitness to help you “live, younger, longer”
your body's ideal weight Dr. Bardisa’s Bioanalysis Weight Management Program uses an in depth approach to the patient’s biochemical composition. This allows her to identify obstacles in your every day diet that may be preventing you from achieving your body’s ideal weight
3 The Anti-Aging Program is an in depth look at the patient’s possible risk factors for aging. A blood test will be done which will include hormone levels, and other markers to be isolated & corrected. The patient will then be given a lifestyle modification plan