Best Foods for Burning Fat

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat!” Putting healthy foods into your body will not only make you look great, but feel good too.

We all understand the difference between healthy food and junk food, but did you know that certain foods have a very high thermogenic effect? Essentially, you can burn calories as you chew.

At Bardisa Medical Center, we love helping our patients achieve their weight loss goals, so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we discuss the best foods for burning fat so that you can boost your metabolism and “Live Young Longer!”

Fat Burning Foods

The following foods have a very high thermogenic effect, so you can literally burn calories while you eat, while revving up your metabolism. Incorporating these foods into your diet will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

Whole Grains

When trying to lose weight, a lot of people shy away from carbs. While you should limit your intake on refined carbs and processed foods like white bread, pizza, muffins, and bagels, it’s okay to fuel your body with nutrient rich whole grains.

Your body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods, especially those that are rich in fiber like oatmeal and brown rice. Opt for whole grains instead of processed foods for a slimmer waist and healthier heart.

Lean Meats

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s always a good idea to up your protein intake. Protein has a high thermogenic effect. In other words, you burn about 30% of the calories the food contains during digestion.

For example, if you consume a 300-calorie chicken breast, your body requires about 90 calories to break it down. Incorporate lean meats like ground turkey and pork loin into your diet for some variety. Pair your lean meats with some high-fiber and nutrient-rich veggies for a power meal.

Green Tea

Ditch high calorie and sugary drinks like energy drinks and coffee for green tea if you are looking to rev up your metabolism. Drinking four cups of green tea a day can help people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

EGCG, a compound in green tea, temporarily speeds up your metabolism after drinking it. Whether you prefer your tea iced or hot, you’ll still get the same fat-burning effects.

Hot Peppers

Incorporating hot peppers into your diet will get your metabolism running. The capsaicin, a compound in the chili pepper, heats up your body, which helps you scorch additional calories. Consider adding some heat to your soups, eggs, meats, and vegetables to maximize your metabolism.

Lose Weight with a Customized Weight Loss Program at Bardisa Medical Center

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