How do Bio-Identical Hormones Work?

Aging is a beautiful and natural part of life, but it comes with menopause and andropause, resulting in hormonal imbalances in both men and women. For those over the age of 40, this can result in a lack of libido and increases in weight, wrinkles, and mood swings. Dr. Roselind Bardisa specializes in the perfect solution for these normal symptoms – bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Bardisa Medical Center helps patients across Miami look and feel younger during the aging process. Discover how Dr. Bardisa can help your hormonal imbalances with the use of bio-identical hormones.

What Are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Hormones are integral chemicals in the body that control nearly all tasks such as brain function, sex function, breakdown of food, and more. Unfortunately, these hormones naturally decrease with age, resulting in unwanted symptoms. This is where bio-identical hormones come in!

Bio-identical hormones are man-made, created to look identical to the natural hormones young and healthy bodies make. These synthesized hormones match estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – the major chemicals that regulate our bodies. The body recognizes these hormones as its own and metabolizes them in the same way. Although these “prescribed” hormones are man-made, they are created with natural ingredients.

How it Works

Certain doses of the bio-identical hormones are customized based on the patient’s symptoms and hormone levels. Dr. Bardisa will first check your hormone levels via blood, urine, or saliva tests to help choose the perfect dose. There are many forms of the hormones such as pills, implanted pellets, creams, or shots. Dr. Bardisa will best determine which method is right for you. The bio-identical hormones are completely safe and have been tested and approved by the FDA for safety.

Patients who have received this treatment should schedule regular hormone appointments to consistently check on the levels. Results differ for each patient, but positive effects usually begin to take effect within a few weeks to months. Sleeping and energy patterns improve as well as increases in sex drive, weight loss, firmer skin, and more. Overall, Dr. Bardisa’s bio-identical hormone therapy helps to improve a healthier and more balanced life.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments at Bardisa Medical Center in Miami

If you’re struggling with symptoms of menopause or andropause, you’re not alone! Dr. Bardisa at Bardisa Medical Center is a double-board certified MD who strives to help her patients make the aging process physically and mentally easier with little to no symptoms.

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