Full Body Workouts That Require No Equipment

No Gym? No Problem

You don’t need a weight room to get a great full-body workout. Buying a full set of weights to workout can cost you thousands and take up unnecessary space in your home. Monthly costs for a gym membership also add up, and you can get stuck in a long-term contract.

You can get a calorie-burning workout at home without a single weight with calisthenics. Calisthenics are a great exercise alternative that help prevent injuries and get you in great shape.

We have a great workout routine that will help you get that toned and lean look you’ve been wanting. Here are some exercises that require no equipment while still providing amazing results.


How to do a Burpee

Extreme athletes, football players, and elite military forces all regularly utilize burpees in their workout routines. This full-body exercise combines a jump squat with a push up. This intense routine burns up to 50% more fat than a moderate exercise.

The workout is great for endurance, strengthening your arms, chest, quads, hamstrings, and abs. Best of all, the exercise uses your own body’s resistance, so you don’t have to go anywhere special to perform this routine. For beginners, try doing three sets of 20 as fast as you can. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn.


Jumping Rope

A jump rope may steer away from our no-equipment title. However, jump ropes are typically inexpensive and provide such a great way to burn calories, so we’ve included this exercise anyway.

Jumping rope may not be as easy as it was back in elementary school, but adults can get huge benefits from simple jump rope routines. Many elite athletes like boxers jump rope regularly to stay in great shape.

According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope burns as many calories as running an 8-minute mile. Jumping rope helps build balance, agility, and coordination. Try three sets of jumping rope for three-minutes to start your routine.


How to Plank Properly

Planks may look easy, but even lasting a full minute for beginners can be tough. However, they are one of the best workouts and have many great health benefits. Planking helps build deep core muscles, which can help you along your way to a six-pack.

Planking also helps strengthen back muscles and even reduces current lower-back pain. Beginners can start by planking for 30 seconds a set for three sets. Each week, try to add an extra 5 seconds to each set.


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