How to Meal Prep

With healthy eating comes a change of lifestyle, and meal prepping has proven to play a significant role in reaching weight loss goals. Meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking – it all gets overwhelming during the busy weeks, but take a breath. Meal prepping can be incredibly easy and doesn’t have to consume most of your time. Staying organized is key, and these guidelines can help you get on track to the healthier lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

5 Steps to Planning Ahead

Staying organized in your meal prep plan is crucial. You simply cannot wing it and expect to be successful. That’s why creating lists and planning ahead makes a huge difference in how victorious you are. With these 5 steps, you will be a pro meal prepper in no time. Let’s get started!

  • Step 1: Invest in leak-proof, well-sealed containers to divvy up your meals for the week (Amazon has great containers).
  • Step 2: Decide what day of the week to prep and cook all of your meals – this step is important to saving time on busy work days. Sunday is a popular day, but choose a day that works best with your schedule. Split it up into two days if you’d like.
  • Step 3: Find exciting meal prep friendly recipes online and make a list of ingredients that you need. Remember to check for the ingredients you already have.
  • Step 4: Shop for all of the ingredients you need for the week. This prevents multiple trips to the store after work to save you time and effort!
  • Step 5: Cook and store ingredients ahead of time to mix up your breakfast and dinner meals. For lunch, many meal preppers like to fully cook, assemble, and pack their meals so they can grab and go before heading out each morning.

Prepping Shortcuts & Ideas

With fun and inspiring meal prep ideas, you can get excited about eating healthy! Here are some creative examples of meal preps you can do right at home:

  • Prepare and pre-assemble your greens and fruits in bags to store in the freezer for morning smoothies.
  • Create fiber-rich fridge oat jars – fridge oats require no cooking and are still deliciously creamy! Use portable glass jars and pack them with measured oats, milk, fruits, nuts, greek yogurt, seeds, honey and other healthy ingredients. Breakfast is complete!
  • Wash, prep, chop, spiralize and store vegetables to throw in a pan later
  • Cook rice, grains, or pasta and store in containers
  • Create jarred salads – just add ingredients to a jar in this order, then shake it up:
    • Dressing at the bottom of a portable glass jar
    • Sturdy veggies (cucumber, carrots, peppers, etc.)
    • Grains (quinoa, rice, etc.)
    • Leafy greens on top
  • Bake or cook your chicken and beef:
    • Use a crockpot and shred chicken
    • Sear beef and pork in a pan
    • Cooked meat lasts for 3-4 days in the refrigerator

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