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How to Move More Throughout the Day

We’ve all heard the calls to get up and get moving during the day, but how many of us actually listen? Even walking a few flights of stair each day can be a key factor in keeping you looking and feeling young for years to come. Here are a...Read More

Prevent Headaches

Stop Headaches Before They Start

Headaches can happen for any number of reasons. Too much or too little of sugar, sodium, or anything else can trigger these painful episodes. Those of us who suffer from seemingly unexplained headaches know the struggle of trying to manage them. Give these tips a try and stop headaches...Read More

Group Practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Choosing the Right Yoga Studio

For yoga newbies, deciding between different types of yoga is hard to do. There are many different styles of yoga, and while they may all offer great health benefits, it’s important to practice a style that is well-suited for your personal health goals. An elite 25-year-old woman with stiff...Read More


Coconut Water: An Alternative to Sports Drinks?

Gatorade and Powerade have always been marketed as the superior sports drink. They advertise under the guise that they hydrate athletes better than water, but each drink also has excessive amounts of sugar. Now, you can avoid these high-calorie drinks with a tasty alternative. Coconut water is low in...Read More


Full Body Workouts That Require No Equipment

No Gym? No Problem You don’t need a weight room to get a great full-body workout. Buying a full set of weights to workout can cost you thousands and take up unnecessary space in your home. Monthly costs for a gym membership also add up, and you can get...Read More

Chair Squats at Work

Top 5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

While you’d like to be more active, the time commitment at your job may not allow for it. If you work at a smaller company, they most likely don’t offer an office gym as a perk, and after a long day at work, you either have other responsibilities or...Read More

Meditation App

Guided Meditation at Your Fingertips: 5 Mobile Apps for Mindfulness

You love guided meditation, but you find it hard to make time for mindfulness. Or perhaps, you’re looking to try guided meditation for the first time, and you’d like to do so in a private setting. Guided meditation can help you rewire the way your brain processes thoughts and...Read More

Woman Practicing Breathing Exercises - Holistic Medical Practices

Why Preventive Medicine is so Important to our Long-Term Health

The cost of getting sick in the United States can be expensive. If you suffer from cancer, heart disease, stroke or any other serious condition, medical expenses associated with surgery, radical treatments, and emergency room visits add up quickly, and your lifespan can be greatly reduced. Preventive medicine seeks...Read More

Woman Doing Yoga on Beach - Holistic Vacation Destinations

Bardisa’s Summer Vacation Picks for Health & Well-Being

Miami is a well-known destination for vacation travels and partying, but even the people who live in this beautiful city may be in need of a getaway once in a while. Whether or not you live in Miami, today’s society and “plugged-in” lifestyle can be busy and exhausting. Everyone...Read More

Heads of Cauliflower - Healthy Cauliflower Recipes

Fun & Creative Ways to Cook with Cauliflower

Cauliflower has enjoyed an upsurge in popularity during the past few years, in part due to it being a healthy substitute. More and more Americans are recognizing the vegetable for its nutritious and low-carb properties. Cauliflower is a great source of fiber and potassium, is low on fat and...Read More