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Weight Loss Programs in Miami, Florida

Lose Weight by Increasing Your Metabolism

Do you have stubborn belly fat or struggle with losing weight? You’re not alone. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for most people. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of companies claiming they have a “quick” and “easy” way to lose weight. In reality, their products are expensive,...Read More

Pelvic Floor Testing & Therapy in Miami, Florida

Regaining Control of Your Bladder After Giving Birth

Many new moms experience complications with bladder and bowel control after giving birth. This is because labor and pregnancy are both taxing on the bladder. The uterus sits directly on the bladder acting as a weight. The weight of the uterus combined with pregnancy hormones make for an overpowering...Read More

Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy in Miami

How to Deal with Menopause

Menopause is different for every woman; some women experience extreme menopausal symptoms that require medication while others experience very minor symptoms. Menopause is caused by the slowing of production of estrogen and progesterone, which can cause a variety of side effects that are different for every woman. The team...Read More

Healthy Meal Planning

How to Meal Prep

With healthy eating comes a change of lifestyle, and meal prepping has proven to play a significant role in reaching weight loss goals. Meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking – it all gets overwhelming during the busy weeks, but take a breath. Meal prepping can be incredibly easy and...Read More

Hormone Therapy Replacement Program in Miami, Florida

How do Bio-Identical Hormones Work?

Aging is a beautiful and natural part of life, but it comes with menopause and andropause, resulting in hormonal imbalances in both men and women. For those over the age of 40, this can result in a lack of libido and increases in weight, wrinkles, and mood swings. Dr....Read More

HCG Weight Loss Program for Teenagers

What is the Best Weight Loss Program for Teens?

The scale appears to be quite the common enemy these days, especially with teenagers. Approximately 1 in 3 adolescents are considered to be overweight in the country. Although the reasons for this vary, there is one agreeable statement that remains: losing weight is hard. At Bardisa Medical Center in...Read More

Woman Jogging on Beach

How to Combine Diet & Exercise to Lose Weight

Numerous weight loss advertisements claim to produce results at a faster rate, but that’s not always the case. With thousands of people having a difficult time with their weight, they aim to find the best diet, gym, workout routine… and nothing seems to do the trick. The result? Utter...Read More

Woman Smiling

Will Losing Weight Make Me Look Older?

Middle-aged women often feel like they have to decide between losing weight and keeping their wrinkle-free face. It’s true that as you lose weight and appear slimmer, wrinkles and crow’s feet may appear more prominent than ever before. Forget deciding between the two, and choose a younger face AND...Read More

Vitamin Infusion IV Therapy in Miami, Florida

Vitamin IV Therapy Benefits

Bardisa Medical Center in Miami helps patients look and feel their best using holistic and proactive medical treatments. Some patients suffer from vitamin and nutrient deficiency that can come with many health problems including fatigue, allergies, or migraines. To treat these energy draining conditions, Dr. Roselind Bardisa offers IV...Read More

Woman Sipping Coffee

How to Wake Up Early & Refreshed

“I’m tired” is one of the biggest complaints. We are all looking for ways to get more sleep, so we can wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. There are many different factors that play into our quality of sleep including poor diets, lack of exercise, and staring at back-lit...Read More