Rules for Successful Dieting

Dieting can be rough. There’s no way around it. There are chances to slip up with delicious, tempting food around every corner, but sticking with it is the only way to get the results you’re looking for.

Here are a few tricks we at Bardisa Medical Center have gathered to help you stay on track with your diet:


Know Your Motivation for Dieting

Knowing why you’re dieting is a great way to keep yourself accountable. If you have serious health concerns or a concrete goal in mind, you already have a reason. Now, you just have to remember what you’re trying to achieve.

Visualize these goals of yours. Remind yourself daily why you’re sticking with your diet. Try making a list of reasons to help remind yourself of your goals and motivation. If you’re doing it for your health, include spending more time with your family and friends as one of your reasons. You can look at this list every time you feel yourself slipping.


Start Small

Diving into dieting can make the weight loss process much more difficult than necessary. Start with a few, small changes. For example, you can begin with swapping out some healthy alternatives to what you’re already eating: zucchini noodles instead of pasta, or lettuce wraps instead of bread.

Easing gradually into your diet lets your mind and body adjust to your new habits. This approach leads to more sustainable healthy diet choices.


Pack Healthy Snacks

Making healthy eating choices can be difficult when you’re on the go. Plan ahead of time, and try packing healthy snacks like almonds or celery to keep yourself from stopping by the vending machine when you start to get hungry.


Clean Our Your Fridge

Removing temptations from your home is a great way to ensure you eat well. Many of us make poor food choices and tend to overeat when bored. If you take all of the junk food out of your house, then making unhealthy diet choices turns into a conscious decision, which you’re better able to resist.

Make sure you’re replacing the food you take out with healthy options. You don’t want to leave your pantry empty; that will only increase your chances of making a poor food choice.


Drink Water Regularly

Many times when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually just thirsty. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day (64 fl oz) can help you stave off cravings and keep from being hungry.

Not to mention, drinking a lot of water will do wonders for your energy level and complexion! Remember, you can also stay hydrated by eating foods, like fruit, that are rich with water.


Need Weight Loss & Diet Help?

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