Areas We Serve – Kendall, Florida

Bardisa LYL Center, Inc is conveniently located to Kendall, Florida. Our center offers comprehensive, holistic treatments for the entire family.

Dr. Roselind Bardisa opened Bardisa LYL Center, Inc in 2009 and since then has helped those located in Kendall, Florida and the surrounding communities to live young longer. Explore our various services and call us at 305.661.2002 to schedule an appointment or ask us any questions you may have.

Holistic Health Care Services in Kendall

Dr. Bardisa offers a unique approach to holistic wellness. She combines conventional and preventative medicine to look at patients as a whole. This is very important as it works to not only cure illness, but prevent it altogether. Dr. Bardisa believes in a balanced lifestyle and a holistic blend of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for optimum health.

Weight Loss Solution in Kendall

If you are looking to lose weight in Kendall, Florida, reach out to the experts at Bardisa LYL Center, Inc. Utilizing the most effective weight loss program, Dr. Bardisa and her team will help you reach your health goals. During an initial consultation, we’ll examine your current eating and exercise habits to develop an individualized treatment plan for long-term health and wellness. We have a number of different programs that will help you achieve your goals fast.

The Bardisa LYL Center, Inc also has detoxification programs, which is ideal for patients that are struggling with weight loss, skin problems, and unexplained pain.

Best Anti-Aging Treatments in Kendall

As part of Dr. Bardisa’s initiative to help her patients live younger longer, the Bardisa LYL Center, Inc is proud to offer the best anti-aging treatments for patients in Kendall. These treatments are designed to help identify, reverse, and prevent the signs of aging.

During your consultation, Dr. Bardisa will identify a course of action based on your needs. We offer different anti-aging treatments including:

Under the guidance of Dr. Bardisa, patients can experience the highest level of quality benefits from these innovative anti-aging treatments.

Contact Bardisa LYL Center, Inc for Holisitic Health Treatments

If you are looking to live younger longer, increase your energy, and maintain a healthier lifestyle, contact Dr. Roselind Bardisa and her expert team at Bardisa LYL Center, Inc.

Located in Miami, Florida, convenient to Kendall, the Bardisa LYL Center, Inc is a leader in conventional and alternative medicine that will help your overall health. Schedule an appointment by calling 305.661.2002 or using our online contact form. We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals!