Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

You try really hard, but it may seem impossible to get the scale to move in the right direction. It’s completely human for you to wonder if you will ever get those pounds off. Don’t throw the towel in yet or raise the white flag! The professionals at the Bardisa Medical Center weight loss clinic can help.

We offer innovative and fully customized weight loss programs and helpful weight loss tips designed uniquely for your body type. In the meantime, check out a few weight loss tips and sneaky things that may be secretly sabotaging your weight loss plan.

Are You Eating Close to Bedtime?

A late night meal or snack can spell big trouble for your weight loss plan. It can also raise your insulin, blood sugar, and body temperature, which could make it more difficult to burn fat. Make sure to eat dinner at least three hours prior to going to bed.

You should also be extremely concerned about snacking after bedtime. You can easily take in more calories than you imagine when you’re nibbling while on the computer or watching TV. Worst of all, late night snacks are usually the unhealthiest types, like potato chips or ice cream.

Do You Skip Breakfast in Your Weight Loss Program?

By skipping the first — and most important — meal, it can actually work against your weight loss program. If you’re doing this, you have an increased chance of becoming hungrier throughout the day as well as possibly eating too much at lunch.

It’s best to eat a well-rounded, healthy breakfast no later than an hour after you wake up. A high protein, high-fiber breakfast may help you have a fuller sensation longer. Another effective weight loss tip is to try foods like:

  • Whole wheat toast
  • Fruit and cottage cheese
  • Greek yogurt with a banana

Are You Burning Calories More Slowly than Others?

Everyone has a different body type and metabolism. What works excellently for one person may not work at all for you. Because of this, the Bardisa Medical Center will work with you to develop a fully-customized weight loss plan based on your body.

We can help you with three different personalized weight loss programs:

If you have a slow metabolism, your genes could be to blame. In either case, the experts at Bardisa Medical Center will work with you to help develop a weight loss plan you can stick to.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

When you don’t get enough sleep, it can make your weight loss program less effective. By not sleeping, your metabolism may slow down, which can cause you to not burn calories as fast as you would like. Another side effect is you may not have enough energy when you don’t get enough sleep, which can make it much harder to exercise.

In addition, whenever you’re tired, you are much more likely to make bad diet choices, like choosing chocolate cake instead of fruit. According to a recent study, those who failed to get enough sleep ate approximately 300 more calories than those who got more rest.

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