Experienced Doctors for Medical Weight Loss in Miami

Are you tired of starving yourself and exhausting yourself in the gym without seeing results? Do you want to meet your weight loss goals with effective lose weight treatments?

While your best friend may have lost 20 pounds on the latest fad diet craze, the exact diet failed to deliver you the same or even similar results.  In reality, everyone has a different biological makeup and physique. Because of this, you may need to approach your individual weight loss from a personalized perspective, which is why medical weight loss in Miami may be the best solution for you.

Instead of trying to impose a one-size-fits-all weight loss program, Bardisa Medical Center will prescribe a medical weight solution based on you and your goals. Continue reading to learn more about our doctors for medical weight loss in Miami and why their lose weight treatments can lead to amazing results.

About Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss isn’t diet pills or surgery; instead, it’s a fully-customized and personalized weight management program based on scientific evidence that targets the root causes of weight gain and obesity.

At Bardisa Medical Center, we often prescribe our medical weight loss programs to help our patients achieve their weight loss goals. Because everyone’s body is different, Dr. Bardisa’s medical weight loss programs are designed to provide guidance and assistance, so you can lose weight and keep it off. Our medical weight loss programs will treat the issues that can’t be treated with exercise and diet alone.

How Medical Weight Loss Is Different

The tools and expertise used for the medical weight loss programs at Bardisa Medical Center will help you view and manage your weight differently than any other commercial program. Dr. Roselind Bardisa will create a medical weight loss program based on your body composition, metabolism, fat percentage, and other key indicators.

Once we have a holistic view of your health, your medical weight loss program will work to help you achieve your goals. A few ways our medical weight loss programs differ from commercial and other weight loss programs include:

  • It’s covered! Since your medical weight loss program will be administered as a portion of your holistic healthcare, it will most likely be covered under your healthcare insurance.
  • It works! Bardisa’s medical weight loss solutions offer superior efficacy because it’s administered by experienced medical professionals.
  • It’s customized to you! Instead of a general, one-size-fits-all program, Bardisa’s medical weight loss program is highly personalized based on your health profile, body composition, and metabolism.
  • No surgery is required! While you can always choose more intensive surgical options, medical weight loss generally doesn’t involve any type of surgery.

Contact the Best Doctors for Medical Weight Loss in Miami

The latest commercial diet or newest exercise video don’t take your personal circumstances into consideration. Instead of attempting to lose weight on your own, schedule an appointment at Bardisa Medical Center. Our team’s approach to helping you achieve your goals will deliver the results you’re desiring. You will work closely with Dr. Bardisa — a double board-certified physician — and her team to start on a comprehensive medical weight loss program that has been uniquely created for you.

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