How to Get Rid of Frown Lines

Are you looking to restore your youthful appearance and get rid of frown lines between your eyebrows and around the mouth without undergoing an invasive procedure?

At Bardisa Medical Center, we offer two of the best treatments for deep frown lines. Continue reading to learn more about Botox and Juvederm at Bardisa Medical Center and how to decide which treatment is the best option for you.

How to Get Rid of Frown Lines Between Eyebrows

Forehead frown lines are one of the easiest problems to correct. A small amount of Botox should relax your overactive muscles and eliminate or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. After the treatment, you’ll enjoy a calmer, more relaxed brow. While everyone’s results can vary, Botox can take anywhere from a few days up to a week for you to realize the results.

What Is the Botox Frown Line Treatment?

Botox is a medical treatment used for dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by muscle movement. The botulinum toxin in Botox actually impairs the nerve muscle it has been injected into. Once immobilized, the relaxed muscle can no longer produce the movement that causes the wrinkles. A single treatment of Botox can last anywhere from three to four months.

Botox offers several benefits and has become one of the premier solutions for horizontal lines that are caused by frowning and dynamic wrinkles on the forehead.

Are there Faster Ways to Get Rid of Frown Lines Between the Eyebrows and Mouth?

If you’re looking for virtually immediate improvements to frown lines between the eyebrows and frown lines around the mouth, Juvederm frown line treatment will deliver the desired results. Dermal fillers like Juvederm can help get rid of these types of wrinkles by infusing more volume into the dermal layer of your skin. Juvederm will plump the tissue, which returns it to a more youthful and vibrant state with the creases pushed out.

Juvederm is an effective alternative for those not comfortable with Botox. The Juvederm filler supports the underlying line to make it much less visible. However, the muscle causing the wrinkle will still be active.

What’s the Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines?

Do you have a very deep set of frown lines? If so, you may need a combination of Juvederm and Botox for a solution that offers more dramatic results and lasts longer. These two treatments work together and are able to get rid of deep frown lines much more effectively when combined.

Contact Bardisa Medical Center for Frown Line Treatment in Miami

Whether Botox or Juvederm is right for you will ultimately depend on the types of wrinkles you have as well as the positioning of your facial muscles. In many instances, we use a combination of both treatments to smooth out dynamic and static wrinkles while taking advantage of the difference between Botox and Juvederm.

The team at the Bardisa Medical Center will help guide you to the best treatment based on your face and the types of wrinkles you have. In addition to Juvederm and Botox, we offer several anti-aging treatment options to help you put your best face forward, such as:

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