Holistic Health Care Offered in Miami, FL

At Bardisa LYL Center, Inc, we pride ourselves in our holistic approach to optimizing your health and wellness. Some doctors don’t hesitate to prescribe lab-created, mass-produced medicine that could have unknown chemicals, side effects, and other mysterious qualities. With holistic health care, you’re getting plant-based medicine and treatment that listens to your body. Bardisa LYL Center, Inc aims to keep Miami young and healthy in the most natural way.

What is It?

The mentality behind holistic medicine is rooted in the belief that balance is key. Taking your mental, spiritual, and physical wellness into account before prescribing treatment is a big part of holistic healing, because the whole cannot be healthy if any single part is not. Dr. Bardisa has won multiple Compassionate Doctor Awards as well as Patients’ Choice Awards for her attention to the detail of the person as opposed to the problem.

One good example of holistic practice at Bardisa LYL Center, Inc is our use of Secretropin to aid in anti-aging. Instead of administering synthetic growth hormones to your system, Secretropin encourages your body to make more growth hormones using its natural process. This way, your body is never “turned off” in the way it would be with traditional medicine, but rather it finds the strength within to help itself as a whole.

Why Does It Benefit You?

The goal of holistic medicine is to put the patient at ease throughout the treatment process. This way, your mind, body and spirit welcome healing, change and growth. With a holistic doctor like Dr. Bardisa, no question is off the table. We keep the conversations open about what kind of experience you want to have in our office.

There are also risks that come with modern drug therapy. Another goal of ours is to minimize our patient’s dependencies on pharmaceuticals and find the root of the issues that bring them to us. Finding the internal cause of your ailments is where true healing begins, and often modern drugs are prescribed when a doctor doesn’t take the time to pinpoint the true cause. We help you find the answers within your body and use modern drug therapy only as a last resort. We do, however, use natural medicines to cure ailments, reverse the effects of aging, promote healthy hormones and more.

With holistic healing, your treatment plan is uniquely curated just for you and the needs of your body. No other person will have the specific physical, mental and spiritual necessities you do and the balance of those things looks different for everyone. We spend time with you to develop a plan that works for you.

How Can You Make the Change?

Call Bardisa LYL Center, Inc at 305-661-2002, fill out our online form, or visit us at 7374 SW 93rd Ave. Suite 203, Miami, FL 33173 to speak with us about your needs or ask any questions you may have. We serve Miami, Coral Gables, Kendall, and beyond! We look forward to helping you discover holistic healing.