The Top Three Weight Loss Myths

When you research losing weight on the internet, you will find almost every piece of advice out there. Though this abundant amount of information may be helpful, it’s difficult to determine what’s accurate and what’s a flat-out myth.

If you’re looking for the right weight loss solution, Bardisa Medical Center can help with a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Find out the top three weight loss myths that continue to circulate and how you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Roselind Bardisa in Miami.

Eat Less and Workout More

It’s true that burning more calories than you consume can result in weight loss, but this piece of advice is actually very ineffective and doesn’t work for long-term goals. Instead of simply decreasing food intake, Dr. Bardisa’s weight loss strategy is perfectly melding both diet and exercise together, making them significant partners in producing positive results. It’s not just about eating less, but about eating more nutritious foods throughout the day while incorporating a daily exercise routine. With this new lifestyle in mind, you can expect to lose weight and reach your goals.

Snacking Leads to Poor Health Habits

It is indeed possible to eat more and weigh less. Snacking is a fantastic fuel substance in between meals to keep your metabolism and energy up throughout the day. However, this doesn’t mean you can open that bag of potato chips. Here are some healthy snacks you can reach for when you’re feeling hunger pangs at the office:

  • Greek yogurt and fruit
  • Handful of nuts
  • Edamame
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Peanut butter and whole grain crackers
  • Air-popped popcorn

Carbs Make You Gain Weight

The “low-carb” diets out there are endless, but certain carbohydrates are great to include in a daily regimen. Refined carbohydrates such as sugar and grains are linked to weight gain, but whole foods such as grains, beans, and oats are high in carbs and fiber, which are actually beneficial to losing weight. Overall, the right carbs are essential for keeping you energized and fuller throughout the day.

Dr. Bardisa guides her patients throughout their weight loss journey with a specialized diet that contains many good foods to help burn fat, including carb-rich delights.

Get the Right Weight Loss Plan at Bardisa Medical Center

Bottom line: these top three myths are not effective tips or solutions for losing weight. Dr. Bardisa is a double-board certified medical doctor who is dedicated to helping her patients in Kendall, Coral Gables, Fontainebleau and Hialeah with the right weight loss plan. When she meets with her patients, she learns their eating and exercise habits and offers tailored weight-loss programs to improve their lifestyles and help achieve their goals. To start your customized weight loss plan, schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form or call 305.661.2002.