Vitamin IV Therapy Benefits

Bardisa Medical Center in Miami helps patients look and feel their best using holistic and proactive medical treatments. Some patients suffer from vitamin and nutrient deficiency that can come with many health problems including fatigue, allergies, or migraines.

To treat these energy draining conditions, Dr. Roselind Bardisa offers IV Vitamin Therapy, a new invigorating technique that helps with boosting overall health and preventing common illnesses.

What is Vitamin IV Therapy?

Vitamin IV Therapy helps patients receive essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients faster and more efficiently in their bodies. These concocted “potions” are injected directly into the bloodstream, which is found to be the quickest and most reliable way to receive all nourishments. This method bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, which can unfortunately absorb the positive nutrients found in oral vitamins. Dr. Bardisa offers Vitamin IV Therapy to patients with a variety of conditions including Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease as well as common symptoms of fatigue, depression, or aging.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy?

Patients who have received vitamin infusions have reported results as soon as 30 minutes after treatment, feeling refreshed, healthier, and more energized. Dr. Bardisa offers a variety of mixtures with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that specifically target different conditions. Depending on the conditions being treated, IV Vitamin Therapy can provide significantly rejuvenating benefits:

  • Increases nutrient-rich cells
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increase of cellular healing rates
  • Helps with homeostasis
  • Improves sports performance

Benefits for Fatigue, Stress, or Sickness

Those who are consistently fatigued, overworked, or under severe stress enjoy the positive effects of Vitamin IV Therapy. The injected fusion jump-starts their energy that lasts from several weeks to months. Many patients with early signs of a cold or flu get immediate relief once receiving the treatment; the therapy also shortens the length or severity of the patients’ illness. All cases are different, but some patients get regular injections either weekly or monthly to maintain stamina and energy while others just have 3-4 treatments a year. Stop by and see Dr. Bardisa to see what Vitamin IV Therapy treatment plan is right for you.

Where Can I Get Vitamin IV Therapy in Miami?

Start feeling your best self again by trying out Vitamin IV Therapy at Bardisa Medical Center. If you’re in the Miami area and want to get more information about these special infusions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bardisa for the best treatment in the city. We also serve South Florida communities including Kendall, Coral Gables, Fontainebleau, and Hialeah. Fill out our online form or call 305.661.2002.