What is Secretropin®?

At Bardisa Medical Center, we know how important it is to look good and feel good. Our medical center is focused on helping our clients feel younger and we offer a variety of procedures to help them live young longer!

One of our most popular therapies is Secretropin® — a revolutionary hormone replacement therapy which stimulates the release of HGH. Over the past fifteen years, Secretropin® has been praised for its ability to increase the production of Growth Hormone. Used as a natural alternative to human growth hormone injections, Secretropin® is ideal for those are looking to improve their physical appearance and combat the signs of aging.

In this article, we discuss how Secretropin® works and who great candidates for the therapy are.

Secretropin®: Medicine for Growth Hormone

Much like Human Growth Hormone therapy, Secretropin® enhances the signals sent to the pituitary gland that tell it to secrete HGH, but works with your body’s natural chemistry. This amino acid based secretagogue has clinically been found to increase the production of growth hormone through a number of neurochemical pathways. As a result, patients experience the same results of HGH without damaging the body’s natural ability to product HGH and Somatostatin.

Benefits of Secretropin®

Patients who choose Secretopin typically enjoy many anti-aging benefits including better sleep quality, improved muscle tone and exercise performance, firmer skin, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, increased hair growth, and improved memory function.

Should I Consider Secretropin®?

If you are adverse to needles and injections, Secretropin® may be right for you. Secretropin®’s oral delivery system is effective and has been shown to increase the production of growth hormone by 50 – 650{16c1d5222e0c48e783718f6d6e323222ed58875c370634d98b96078b89012e84}. Under Dr. Bardisa’s medical guidance, patients can experience the highest level of anti-aging benefits from Secretropin®.

You may want to consider Secretropin® and hormone replacement therapy if you have experienced decreased memory function, increased levels of bad cholesterol, decrease in muscle strength, or changes in mood. Dr. Bardisa will provide you with a full assessment and check your HGH levels to determine if Secretropin® and hormone replacement therapy is a viable option for your unique situation.

Find Secretropin® Therapy at Bardisa Medical Center

If you are seeking a natural alternative to HGH injections, Secretropin® may be right for you. Dr. Bardisa of Bardisa Medical Center specializes in anti-aging treatments and hormone replacement therapy and would love to provide you with a consultation to see if Secretropin® can help with your signs of aging.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bardisa at Bardisa Medical Center in Miami, Florida to learn more about the benefits of Secretropin®. Contact her office via telephone at 305-661-2002 or via the online patient contact form.