Juvéderm™ is a dermal filler in the form of an injectable gel, made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules. HA is a substance that is found naturally in the body’s joints, used for cushioning the bones. Juvéderm™ is the only FDA approved HA filler and results can last six months to a year. It can help plump cheeks and lips, and it is particularly helpful diminishing:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Frown lines
  • Lines above the lip
  • Melomental folds (chin lines)
  • The appearance of veins in the backs of hands

Getting Juvéderm™ Injections

No allergy tests are needed prior to treatment because hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient. Juvéderm™ comes in varying strengths, which target different types of wrinkles and skin issues.

Using a very fine needle, Juvéderm™ is injected under the skin’s surface. The gel substance is light and smooth, allowing it to spread evenly in the face. The gel then fills unwanted hollows and wrinkles, or adds volume and fullness to cheekbones and lips. Juvéderm™ also contains lidocaine, a numbing agent, so there is little discomfort during treatment. Topical anesthetics or ice can be applied to sensitive treatment areas. The entire procedure usually takes an hour or less and requires little to no downtime.

Juvéderm™ is one of the longer lasting fillers available on the market, but patients will need to return for follow-up injections to maintain their results.

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