Videos and Press

Aceso Total TV Appearance

Dr. Bardisa Appears on Acesso TotalDr. Rosalind Bardisa appeared on the Miami set of Acceso Total to discuss the benefits of HCG weight loss and Anti-Aging medicine. The “Live Young Longer Doctor” communicated the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking the necessary steps to prevent the effects of aging on the body.

Dr. Bardisa also explained how the medically supervised diet plans and dietary supplements at Bardisa LYL Center, Inc help encourage healthy living that can improve patients’ well-being, while still allowing them to consume the foods they enjoy.

Chago Show TV Appearance

Dr. Bardisa of Miami, FL appeard on ChagoMedical specialist Dr. Rosalind Bardisa appeared on Dr. Chago, a Hispanic health TV show that features medical innovations, news pieces, and tips. Dr. Bardisa shared the importance of detoxification, a preventative medicine technique recommended by Bardisa LYL Center, Inc. She also provided insight on easy ways to keep your system detoxified, and the benefits of cleansing your body of harmful toxins.

Speaking at Heart Camp

speakingatheartcampDr. Rosalind Bardisa spoke at the 2013 South Florida Heart Camp, and offered helpful insights on heart health. She provided tips from Bardisa LYL Center, Inc to maintain a healthy heart and prevent common heart conditions that can arise from poor health choices.

Interview for Life Extension

interviewforlifeextMedical specialist Dr. Rosalind Bardisa talked about the benefits of anti-aging and preventative medicine during an interview for Life Extension. Known for helping people “Live Young Longer,” she shares health and medical tips that can slow down the signs of aging to extend the life and health of patients during this interview.

NotiMujer TV Appearance

Dr. Rosalind Bardisa appeared on NotiMujer to address the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good personal health. Dr. Bardisa offered knowledge and useful tips from Bardisa LYL Center, Inc to help the modern woman with aging, weight loss, and overall health.

Bardisa LYL Center, Inc Commercial

commercial3A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a commercial for Bardisa LYL Center, Inc that features Dr. Bardisa and her medical staff.

View the English Commercial Below or View the Spanish Commercial Here.

Bardisa LYL Center, Inc’s “New Live Young Longer” Video

In Bardisa LYL Center, Inc’s new video, Dr. Rosalind Bardisa explains her philosophy of “LYL,” or “Live Young Longer.” Dr. Bardisa emphasizes the importance of living a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle in order to prevent disease and “Live Young Longer.” She explains how our nutrition, exercise habits, and stress levels can cause disease and accelerate the aging process.

By looking at her patients holistically, Dr. Bardisa addresses four areas of concern: nutrition, detoxification, hormone balance, and stress management. The three divisions of her practice—general medicine, anti-aging, and weight loss—work seamlessly to address these areas of concern. Through her comprehensive and caring medical practice, Dr. Bardisa helps her patients “Live Young Longer.”